Are you Keen to know What is Project Management? It can be defined in many ways are as follows.


Project is known as unique set of efforts with already known starting and finishing points undertake by any individual or a team to meet certain goals and objectives within defined time and budget.

How Project is Different From Business

Projects are actually different from the businesses in many ways. The most basic difference between a project and a business is project is short term goal or activity whereas business is an ongoing process. Some other characteristics of the project which makes it different from the businesses are projects are instruments of change, non-routine, unique, carried out by a diverse team, with already defined start and finish dates, to achieve defined goals and full of uncertainties.

 What Is Project Management

Techniques to Make Projects Successful

There are no written rules to make a project successful but however there are some proven scientific techniques available through which we can make maximum efforts in planned way to make a project successful. Most of these are simple and common sense things which we do to complete our daily life goals. It is an art which provides you the framework of completing goals and make you think what is the right way of doing things?


Types of Methodologies

There are various types of  methodologies are used to complete the projects. We can divide them in two main categories one is Proprietary which is developed by firms and software houses whereas the others are public sector methodologies. One of the common methodologies used in public sector  is PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments)



Prince2 is a common and comprehensive type of methodology which we can apply in all type of public sector projects regardless of their types and sizes.



JISC is another methodology which overcomes the Prince2 approach. JISC is latest approach in which emphasizes on the behavior of people. As most of the projects are about people and most of the projects succeed or failed because of the people however few projects failed because of some technical faults.  In this methodology experts use the basic technique of how people behave at certain points to achieve the organizational goals. Projects mostly failed because people perceived wrong on some points. Keep in mind that methodology is nothing more than just a framework. It is not provides you 100% guarantee of succeed.


A methodology is an approach which designed by the experts and provides you a basis for running a successful project. However you have to remember that all the projects are unique in nature and so as the causes of their success and failures. The most exciting and thrilling thing for a project manager is the uncertainty and amount of risk involved with the project makes it a challenging job for them.


All they need is the flexibility and creativity in order to adjust according to the specific needs of the project. it has to pass 4 or 5 phases and there are lots of difficult time comes during these phases. It is up to the project manager that how he perceives difficult situation and what kind of approach he shows to solve the problems.