Project management in the contemporary sense started in the early 1950’s, driven by businesses that understood the profits of establishing work around projects, and the serious need to communicate and co-ordinate work across departments and professions. it is not an easy task to do. It has a certain beginning and ending, and is not a continuous process. Manager uses numerous tools to measure and check the progress level and track the project tasks.

Project management methodology

consists of four to five process groups, and a control system. Irrespective of the methodology or language used, project management uses the same basic processes. Process groups typically include:

  1. Initiation
  2. Planning and Design
  3. Execution
  4. Monitoring and Controlling
  5. Closing

This will help you to manage your projects from start to finish. It defines every step in the project life cycle with full detail and in depth. That can help you to understand the project’s dimensions more easily and more precisely. So you know exactly which tasks to complete, when and how. Whether you’re a skilled or a beginner, it helps you complete your tasks faster than before and also in a better and efficient way.

As a Project Manager, you need a Project Management Methodology to navigate your projects in the right direction and keep them on the best track. As a project manager you will also need it to help you to manage your projects in a organized, well designed and repeatable fashion. And if you get success in completing your project and get the best result by following this tool, you can apply the same approach to every project you undertake in the future.

This Methodology will guide you to choose the right way to accomplish your project in efficient way, also will help you to navigate your project and complete it in-time. Normally this Methodology is said to be a set of guidelines for the project managers which helps them to lead their project in a extra ordinary manner and also in an organized structure. Because planning before any project or task is really helpful to meet any kind of challenge and hurdles in the future, the same strategies are included in the Project Management Methodology which is really beneficial for the newcomers and for the trainees.

PM Methodology strictly allows following these methods before starting any project like the first stage is initial of any project, which is the basic idea of that project and also to think about the desired outcome. Second step is planning and designing, it means to plan and to design the whole structure of the plan like how the plan will work and what strategies will be adopted. Third is the execution of the project like to complete the work and time to start the main process. The Important step is to monitor and control the whole process of project and it’s working. The last step is the closing of the project which means the project is completed and the task has achieved.

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