What Are Management Functions? Tips And Techniques For New Managers

Management is required in every field from your office to your home. A manager is a person who works with and through other people by coordinating their work activities in order to accomplish organizational goal. Manger should have experience and management techniques. The job of manager is not at all related about personal achievement rather it’s about helping others in completion of their tasks.

Effective management helps to increase productivity by workforce development which includes hiring of employs, make job description for each position and keep it monitoring with meetings, likewise. management have also some responsibilities towards its organization which is related to the growth of organization for this purpose manager has to asses completion and should carefully allocate comparing available resources with need resources. The function of management is also to motivate its employees to enhance their work performance.

Effective management can only be attained by experience and applying good management techniques involving its function, roles and skills.



Managers efficiently and effectively coordinate the work of others. These activities were named by French industrialist Henri Fayol in early twentieth century as planning organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling. Today management functions are condensed to four basic ones: planning, organizing. Leading and controlling.

  • Planning

Planning involves defining an organizational goal and developing strategies and plan necessary to attain that goal.

  • Organizing

Organizing involves arrangement of activates for the accomplishment of specific goal.

  • Leading

Leading is mainly involves motivation of subordinates and behavioral issues as well as influencing employees for teamwork.

  • Controlling

Managers must monitor and evaluate employee performance and comparing actual to standard and taking appropriate action.



Henry Mintzberg made a great contribution and facilitated by ten manager’s roles. The application of this model can really help very well








Disturbance Handler.

Resource Allocator.


These roles are divided into following categories

Disturbance Handler
Resource Allocator



Mangers should have certain skills to perform his duties and activities. According to a research by Robert L.Katz found that three skills are essential for managers.

  • Technical skills

Technical skill includes knowledge in master in a specialized field e.g. engineering and accounting. These are best suited to lower management because they have to deal all employees doing the work of organization.

  • Human skills

Skills which requires the ability in dealing and handling of people both individually and in form of group, It really require difficult efforts because it is not easy to find out best in the people working around. the manager should know how to

Lead, deal, motivate and communicate with employees. He must have ability to listen people and transfer ideas into actions as well as he should have presentation skills and credibility among subordinates. He should know how to work with diverse people and culture by avoiding possible conflicts. He should be cooperative and committed in his task.

  • Conceptual skills

It involves the ability to handle complex situation and solving problems by implementation of solutions. he should understand the technology use in business and opportunities for innovation. Likewise should have better understanding of his organization’s business model.



By practicing all these management techniques involving management function, roles and skills which are very essential for managers and make them able to participate in running his organization effective.