Management has proved a vital force in the development of the business and so owners take quite a  time and resources to hire a manager with the right skills and perceived qualities, that the business needs. Managers encounter intense pressure not from the diverse market but also the diverse people working under them.

Become A Good Manager:

But employing an all-rounder is the first step that proves to be crucial. Managers need some certain basic qualities and some special qualities (technical) to become a successful manager. The basic qualities need the tactics to handle the external and internal forces. The first tactic includes the divide and rule step.

Division of labor:

Division of labor and departmentalizing the work force provide the efficiency and effectiveness to the company. Teams work specially on a single goal and focus is not diverted.

Passion for work:

The second step is to show your passion for work to become an ideal for the company, passion doesn’t involve the goal attainment of company it also highlights the personal goals and how much the manger is enthusiastic about achieving the personal objectives. The passions show the personal interest and keep the work force motivated about the company.


The third step is considered to be the most basic but also most important in making you a successful manger. It’s managing your HR department and hiring the best staff your company needs, the potential employer should also be the most appropriate for the job and identifying its skills is your task which comes with experience and proper rational and intuitive study.

Super specific:

Next step includes to be more super specific ,Joel Russell, President/CEO, imagine Technology Group states the manager with more specific goals and answers with yes or no leads to the right path for the work force  providing your teams the projects , the manger should break it up into smaller pieces . If a manger puts the whole project in the sights of the work force, they may become overwhelmed and may also finish it before time but it also includes a risk of degradation in quality.

Immediate problem solving:

Next tactic to become a good manager include the problem resolving in time, the manger must step up and resolve any issues immediately rather than waiting for things to go well and taking time to think more, in this case the manger should be active and creative to think about solving the issues and bringing the company back to track.

Keep yourself cool:

Apart from work a pleasant mood and thanking employees for being there also boost up the morale and respect for you. A smile would do to let them work more positively about the company.

A secondary to this step also includes getting inputs from your employees about the workplace, facilities and the projects. It would let the employees to be encouraged and passionate, on the other way around it will let the manager to get more ways to solve a problem and who knows that an employee might have a better idea than in your mind. Combination of all these tactics leads you to the right way of success.

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