Before come to the point let’s discuss some details of that theory. Why businesses are used trend analysis? Actually every company needs some visible progress data for accomplishing any particular task, so they calculate their financial statement data more than 1 year or so on. In this process they utilized some tool like some graphical presentation chart in excel or word for present project of trend analysis plan to boss.

Benefits of Project Trend Analysis Chart in Excel

Every investor configure out your statistical data for evaluate your company’s current financial position in marketplace. So as a manager it’s your duty to arrange some tool for analysis chart of trend in shape. Although there are various converter or tool that compatible with each other and show your date either in excel format or word.

Either you are using profit and margin in percentage or dollars, both are shown your financial report, but this is not compulsory and could be change according to your particular person demand. But mostly you seen examples of calculating to compare sales of previous years are in percentage.

You can’t cheat your investor with utilization some hidden techniques, if your investor are professional and having experience in all these activities than he must compare your report with your competitors and after analysis putting own judgment and viewpoint in front of you.

Trend analysis chart

Easy to Manage Updating of Statistics Report Using Trend Analysis chart

It’s very important to keep update your company current position using these chart, this will not help you in web or open source analysis or help out to making any product quotation. So these self-making excel templates could be save your time for arranging multiple charts and graphical presentation every time.

How to calculate the changing Trend

It’s very simple, you just putting figures in these column and just applying excel percentage calculation formula, if you are seen big improvement and final result better than previous years, than you making feasibility report after that to show your progress details.

This data used for finally evaluation for making master plan for calculating the profit statement in future. Mostly companies having an idea after making this analysis, about how to manage things better in all around? Which area or department of company doesn’t support or required more attention? So make it sure during planning to making future orientation plan, you have available all data of your department. So you will be able to figure out company’s current or future position in market.

You must have survey report before making trend analysis chart in excel or word format, but I prefer to make this plan using excel format, after while you can shaped it to power point or ms word documentation.

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