The main perspective before going to the main point, I will discuss how small business manages their data or arranged in to well organize form. Excel Pivot table templates is the most useful data management source which you can utilized almost every type of data managing. For example when you search any keyword on bing, there are thousands of query listed by pages. Google manage all data through various kind of tool like pivot table in excel.

Mostly peoples are anticipate the word “Pivot Table” scary or something really difficult, but in reality after understanding the basics of this tool you can easily manage huge data evaluation through this. For example you target whole city for selling product and appoint different salesman for this, now using this tool you can easily summarize and analysis each salesman report.

How to create Pivot Table Templates in excel

Either you can buy templates from other sites and create by just little effort. In excel you can easily draw pivot table and can modifying it according to own choice.

You can draw many columns using insert tab, using excel formula for calculation profit or net income. After summarizing it in to final value convert it in to formulated templates either in MS word or PowerPoint for making presentation or final analysis report.

Pivot Table format

Mostly user work pivot table temples using MS word instead of excels complexity or looking area comfortable, actually you can instantly create pivot table using summarize tool. Also there is more variation and adjustment features which you can utilize to make size bigger and smaller of each row or column.

Managing Huge Sales through Pivot table

Every manager must find out some tool for isolation platform. For example in aviation department there is some management team who has responsibility to arrange wide data collection. Thus as a manager you have to deal with daily based task and schedule accordingly. There is huge data in front of your table update almost about after 4sec, so you must prepare this for final analysis through pivot table. Like how many airplanes fly over specific area, fueling charges and bridges using charges. All sort of aeronautics data you manage efficiently without any error, because any little error may be trouble for you in later.

Some time you need monthly report or sometime you have to submit yearly based report in excel so keep some column or row blank for after editing.

A dialogue box is appear during working pivot table in excel, this is just a reminder that disappears after click on other section. Every numeric wording automatically calculates either sum or minus so makes it sure for that.

This is just an example of pivot table temples in excel, you need to start it from scratch for going towards advance level of professionalism. “Practice makes man perfect” so keep practice on drawing different form of chart and table in different size or format.