Data Collection and Data Acquisition Software for SAP in MS Excel

Here I’m discussing the data collection software’s that help SAP to manage huge data collection automatically and forward it to ERP section.  SAP is the world wide data management technology that works especially for large organizations. If you are looking to expand your business than you must have implement technology like that and should be aware some related tool like TWedge, Active X, TWedgeCE and T connector, these all software chain combine and manage data collection and acquisition to main ERP system.

This software’s linked through main system for acquisition data with (RS232), TCP/IP, Bluetooth® or USB.These are not costly software just between $50 to $90. So make sure of full version before purchasing.

Top Data Acquisition Collection Programming Software For SAP

Here I listed below some best tool linked with SAP for database access, file access and automatically collection through internal system.

Wedge for Data Acquisition

Wedge operate as input device for sap, the main advantage of this tool that wedge automatically get data from windows and your manually insert input and transfer to sap and arrange data. With Keystroke simulation you can easily configure different numerical value through this.

Because wedge operate bi-directional, so every connecting poll like USB, RS232 or Bluetooth receiving data regularly without any bugs or other internal issues.

The other advantage of wedge is Direct Database accessing capability, so you shouldn’t interact with this tool physically. The scripting is very easy and understands through integrated JavaScript.This one is the best data collection tool for sap operation.

Easily accessible Data Logging, Enterprise Deployment, application debugging mode, and other windows infrastructure will be manages with ease.

data acquisition software

Data Collection Software – TwedgeCE

Are you looking any device that operates in windows mobiles than TwedgeCE is the best option for you? Make sure these setting already configure like baud rate, flow control, TCP address, before downloading in system. TwedgeCE basically operate in background, but you can change its setting for viewing its performance. Also the benefits with Set up key stroke rules during widely managed data.


TConnector used to link with all unified API at a same time, both port like synchronous and asynchronous must be configure. The must software of Sap for scheduling and arrangement of data. The role of TConnector is basically communication functionality operation and other internal bugs related to it. Due to ActiveX functionality this tool operates in all Ms Office documentation of other development tool.

All these tool used for data acquisition and collection for sap (the main software of arranging all). If you didn’t familiar with these operations and maintenance especially software installation and configuring themselves than you must take some training section, that offered many institute. The study cover all aspect of sap related infrastructure and compatible software’s, so make sure you already having strong commend in these application.SAP is an a data collection tool, it’s about whole mapping control system within an organization.