The most useful tracking tool in project management documentation, for any particular, various project analyses, schedule management, time sheet or other various tasks. In this post I brief a little bit on how you can create gantt chart without helping any source in ms excel 2007 or 2010. Mostly business works on 2010, there is no big difference between both of ms version according to graph any project.

Here are different articles you have to review to understand about basics of tracking tool, before creating a new one have a little look in these one.

After reviewing you would be able to understand the importance and advantages of using in daily based tasks. Couple of year before I really hate worked on excel, but after management pressure or viewing our competitors project I realize the “Loss” then I take some online classes and understand the fundamental of excel. Now I have planet of experience regarding trim sheet analysis in project management or using gantt chart in business presentation through PowerPoint.

Gantt chart Tracking Tool in Excel 2007 0r 2010

A manager use various tracking tool for data management like ERP or SAP, but you have all data using various tool for putting in these softwares. Gantt chart is just a sub-tracking tool used mainly represents project scheduling through trend analysis or other pie chart.

Gantt chart in excel

Here in this image you can understand well how to use this chart. Thanks to that make this awesome gif file for presenting gantt chart briefly.

Creating a Gantt chart

In this chart you seeing project completion through various numerical values set according to particular plan. First 3, 5 column used for detail of project done and other expenditures value than after a long gantt chart shown via bar accordingly. Same formula paste in entire column of sheet, that’s why it shows you change after changing any value.

After this you have to adjust each row and column for looking attractive or professional to a manager. I know the orientation of this chart without helping any other resource like templates is a difficult task, but after spending hours you can able to create an awesome chart for every project.

Although there are various attractive templates with rich features available for adding more shine to your project so if you are a manager or handling many projects at a time, than just buy after viewing various source. Mostly students or company employees work assigned on making gantt chart on excel 2007 or 2010 for polishing their abilities. I arranging a video tutorial regarding this tracking tool, after completion I notice to all my subscriber you visit daily projectmanagementwatch.

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