Project Management International Standards, Procedures and Guidelines

Before touching the peak of project manager life cycle, it’s very important to understand the philosophy and standard that must implement by any organization to access the progress of any plan. The whole process is revolves around a manager methodology, so before talking about its standards or procedures guideline discuss little about this basic phenomena. So what is the PM methodology or what are the advantages of this? How to implement this in organization? How small or medium large organization flow regular their task and duties within a prescribe time-span?

As a manager you have to knows and deeply understand these terms and can describe each one in detail to your employees or students for building their strong foundation and basic concept regarding project management.

Project Management Methodological Standard and Procedures

Project Management isn’t a continuous task or steady approach towards any set target. Once you planned or organized any project than your entire forces should only towards the end of that project. Some projects are predefined and required throughout observation with naked eye, while others isn’t required much attention. So first identify your goal and collect the basic tool for achieving that goal.

One of the most important things is to track any project progress from beginning to end. So each level you required some special concentration and give feedback accordingly. Like conduct webinar, business case meeting, communication access and other strategies.

Project Management Phases

As far you know regarding Methodologies consist of 5 basic elements like;

1. Beginning
2. Planning and Development
3. Execution
4. Tracking and Analysis
5. Closing

Project_Management_methodologies procedures

So the first level you have to face after making any idea is “beginning”. In this stage we just make a defined plan towards the end. If you don’t give much attention in this level than chances of project success will be depend on your luck. So from finance to team, tool to time-span and resources all put down on any spreadsheet or excel. I recently discussed how to manage a online spreadsheet for making groups project. Another Most Important thing is to analysis risk throughout of the plan. Without calculating risk I couldn’t guaranteed to you for success.

Planning and Development Stage

In this step we identify development tool usage like gantt chart, breakdown structural analysis, streamline flow schedule by every team member and assigned duties according to skill and abilities. Financing calculating is the basic part in this step that impact from every little aspect of project.

Risk Register Templates


In this step we just interact peoples to resources for meeting their tasks. Coordination is the main thing that you must notice in this step.

Tracking the Project Progress

Tracking overall activity is very necessary; in this case you must have some useful tracking tool like excel sheet, or any schedule management software’s. I also use excel spreadsheet as a tracking of any project. In this way you can not only interact more than 1 user but also can manage whole basic function through this.

Ending the Project

Finally you just calculate the benefits and overlook consumed resources and tool. As a coordinator or manager, just finally calculate the process done within define time-span. After all monitor activities and minimized input after viewing lacking areas of particular project.

Operation Standard and Procedures

Here I Mentioned some standard Procedures that must applied before starting any plan. Every manager must overview these standards for keeping away any legally rules and regulations.

• As a manager you must Overview all PMI rules and guidelines and its up-to-date syllabus
• Must be interact ISO standards 9000, search the web for more about ISO standard 9000
• A monitoring Tool like Prince 2, configuring, implementation and analysis project
• TSP and V- Modal systematic standards
• Must understanding the guidelines of IAPPM and defines framework

Now it’s time to celebrate your project success, this article either be used as a practical procedures of an project manager or as a theoretical study. Rate this Project management standard guidelines and procedures and connect to for future presentation and learning.