As previously discussed the life cycle stages of a project management, here is a term WBS used as a tool in planning and development process. For time management or putting planned work in any illustrating tool this tool play an important role. The main purpose is encompasses any project through proper analysis like cost estimation and risk assessment.

It’s like a flow sheet diagram for finding any detail inquiry, for example in filling any vacant you have to map candidates, their professional skills, job requirement and the final interview criteria. In one column you must putting your budget, option and approval for own calculation and the other related column putting some figures regarding job specification. In other column you have to put candidates regarding short listing and other points like advert location or education. Finally you map another column which may put interview selection venue, time management regarding each selected candidates. So a huge diagram you couldn’t be map without knowing the work breakdown structure working.

Work Breakdown Structure templates

How to Create Work Breakdown Structure Template for Project Management

It’s your choice either you would create this matrix with some excel or Gantt chart as a tool. Or buy using web resources. There are available hundreds of templates in various complexes to small projects, so reviews some featured templates in excel or PowerPoint.

As a manager you have one single route, so any little mistake could be very coasty for your organization. If you get placed wrong persons without knowing their skills or giving no much attention on budgeting section, then you couldn’t achieve particular goal with planning time-span. With know-how about every single bridge of the team you create maximum chances of success.

After making a huge structure your duty is to assigned task with calculated time and all deliverable must knows about their strength or individual time required to be done of this project. After broke down in to prescribe planned you have to be overview relates to financing issues facing each individual because everyone could not consult on this with you and after configuring this you don’t need to worry in that area.

Advantages of Work Breakdown Structure

Here are multiples benefits or advantages for scheduling any project through Work Breakdown Structure template. One of like as a project manager you can make a tree of all department putting their proceeding project accordingly. For example finance department will submit their queries in to it, and human resource department also.

You can just create a structure by putting responsibilities and task of every employee or department about any particular project without hassling and point to point discussion.

This will be changed according to demand and other financial or controlling issues.

Every team member of the project must be responsible for performing their duties according to work break down structure.

There is no perfect thing at all, so after making a structure plans some artificial work for amendment in it instantly.

A strong and successful WBS can implement again for any other project with just little changes.

So BST of Luck for your successfully planned project. Although there is some flaw in this system, that could be minimized after getting templates of project management work breakdown structure.