Although this is not an advance management theory, but many management pundits innovate some useful tactics that identify the lower outcomes factors in detail. So in this post I will discuss some managerial behavior that impact on rational decision and finally produce no longer profit to overall organization. Leadership is the most important part of every manager that he can utilize to take some quick decision for time being or for long time depends on situation. Every little action by team manager affects any particular project, that’s why this is the top level of job that demands higher salary.

First discussed on factor, there is need to understand what is rational decision? The word decision derives from idea, the act of reaching a conclusion or making up one’s mind” (American Heritage, 2000). It represents the act of judgment to any particular person behavior. Another word rational derives from characteristic, so the combination of rational decision should be mind characteristically behavior in particular situation. For more understanding review related article on failure of project managers by some external factors.

Which Behavioral Factors Affecting Rational Decision

Sometime things gone out of controls due to multiple factors, so here a look some of these in details that’s impact not only any project manager but effect overall organization performance. This state either is in a positive term or negative, I explain some negative outcomes factors.

Over stress and workload

It’s very important to make a schedule for any particular project, as a human we can’t bear too much stress so it’s impact on our project. Every person has some limitation or required mind fitness to accomplish multiple task at a time. But sometime efficiency can’t be up to the mark because to inserting extra burden or any assignment. This is the common factor that causes rational decisions for getting goal in specified time.

Surrounding Circumstances

When a manager doesn’t feeling good or wants some calm or cool place and the surrounding is entirely against him, than the outcomes of any project is not so good. A reputed or intelligent organization knows that thing and asks every employee regarding any particular sources which helps them to accomplishing goal.


Lower Resources Availability

Resources is the another factor which boost rational decisions making, which resources can be the best solution from generated responses. Without allocating particular resources for any project it’s impossible to place all the things in accurate boxes.

Organizational Stress

Whenever company demand something impossible to accomplish in a designed schedule , however a manager first admit this task to prove himself in front of audience but  when he seen difficulties than the behaviors of manager is not so good for all.

Mostly organization train their manager or co-workers with some project management short courses study at London institute for understanding the core principle of managerial tactics.

When a manager is not getting to the point he explain something rational or irrational that causes negative impact or any progressive elaboration. Although it’s a manager duty to catch all balls and place them to designed container. But sometime due to miserable factors depends on behavioral act cause rational decisions for the project manager.

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