How to Use MS Excel Tool for Effective Business Plan

If you are not finding enough time to manage your team then you do not have to worry about that, there are many tools available through which you can keep an eye on the activities of team members and see how much they achieve their goals. There are various types of business plan required various tool for presenting in aw well shape.

By using below spreadsheet it becomes easy for project managers to see the completed tasks of different team members and their other activities. Besides that this also allows managers to see the progress on different tasks. Through excel a manager can view in one sight that what is going on in a project.

In order to understand above mentioned spreadsheet these are few instructions which needed to be followed.

How Business plan work on Excel

Business Plan Tools

First of all you have to mention the project name at the top of the sheet like financial business plan or any other title. After that there is a column in which you have to write project manager information such as name, cell phone number, email address etc. Write down the months in order to evaluate and compare the performances. There are five columns in each month which reflects five weeks and you have to put week ending dates in each column.

After this on the second half of spreadsheet you can see you have to write the different tasks or goals which a person has to complete. You have to put slash (/) in the week in which that task has been completed. In the end you have to write the resources and other materials used in that project.

Easy Control Planning

If you look at above spreadsheet it looks complicated but once you understand the mechanism of the sheet it becomes the easiest job in the world, all you need to do is putting a sign in front of related person and you can easily control the whole business plan. This is just an example that how effectively you can evaluate performances of your team members and knowing the actual positions of different tasks by using MS Excel. Most of the project managers believe that excel can do wonders for them in order to achieve their organizational goals.

Keeping Track of Tasks

As a manager you need to keep track of different tasks going on in the project. Excel provides you the facility to see the track record of different tasks in one sight. If you write it in paper in report shape it becomes complicated and it takes time to read it and understand everything but here in charts and spreadsheets it becomes very easy and convenient for the project managers to keep the track records of different tasks.

Although making of projection or review business plan is complicated and sensitive and a manager needs to take control of the whole project in his hands. Controlling multiple tasks at the same time is an art which project managers needs to learn. To do this leader use different tools. Microsoft Excel is one of the most effective tools in designing and implementation of any type of small business master plan.