MS word Flow Chart Diagram Examples Free Download

Flow Chart is graphical representation of a whole process in a sequence with emergence of events that leads tasks. MS word offers many smart layouts of flow chart diagrams that you can use based on type of data you are inserting in it and flow of process.  In this article I will suggest you which type of flowchart diagram you can opt according to your requirements. In this post I will discuss some useful graphically oriented tool, which user can use for making presentation and other word assignment task. Everyone knows about the importance of plot templates using in business case meeting. Let’s discuss here.

Types of graphical representations with flow chart MS Word offers:

  • List
  • Process
  • Cycle
  • Hierarchy
  • Relationship
  • Matrix
  • Pyramid

Which one can be used as best with your requirement? Need to show sequence data, non sequence, hierarchical, interconnected, define relationship. By reading this post you can easily find which type you should choose. Either you are developing any quotation templates on word or excel, you have to be aware about these tool.


List type has 24 different designs with different hierarchy and uses. List graphical flow chart diagram work best, when you need to group non sequential data.  You can group information blocks in order you want but one task cannot lead to the other. List work best with small pictures and text data like information of school student in a complied form.  There is no need to direction for such data but you can make levels. Its easiest form of grouping and sub grouping data in graphical form.

Ms Word FLow Chart Diagram


This section has 28 different graphics. Process graphics use when you need to show a work flow, sequential steps in a whole process. Its shows best the progression of a process. You can show interaction and relationship among the processes in same sequence. You can group tasks which are directly effecting with one another in contrasting or relating ways.


14 cycle flow chart diagrams available in MS word 2010. These diagrams shows a continuous sequence of stages in a circular form where direction not need to indicate. It emphasize on arrows and flow but not on stages sequences. Starting point will be end for every cycle. All tasks you add are of same level of importance.


When you need to show progression relationships in a chain of command wither vertical or horizontal display this would be best use of flow chart diagram.  It uses with non sequential group of information blocks.  7 different vertical and horizontal diagrams available in MS word 2010.


Use to compare tasks, show the relationship among two ideas. It can easily indicate which task effect the other. Which step is in directly promotional to the other and vice verse?  This direct relationship indication can help to assign importance of the tasks at different stages of process. 31 shapes you can use from MS word for relationship flow chart diagram.


This section has three diagrams as sample. Its uses best when you need to show relationship among tasks to a whole as a quadrant.  Second diagram is a full four quadrant of task display. It uses to show placement of tasks in two axes. Very individual component has its importance, but can act a whole in quadrant.

Pyramid: Have 4 diagram samples, best use when interconnected hierarchy display is needed for the tasks. Its offers from smallest to largest and bottom to top shapes to show progression sequence of tasks.

These diagram oriented charts will not only enhance your presentation in to professional way but also minimized your time and efforts.