In their fast-paced work environment, project, business and finance managers welcome any useful “shortcut” that can help them skip tedious, repetitive tasks and get to “real” work. MS Excel is one of the best tools that help managers organize their job using spreadsheets and their endless possibilities for managing all sorts of business data.

As these spreadsheets are often shared with colleagues, they are usually turned into PDFs for better, more secure viewing. As we all know, it is risky to send MS documents to people who use different versions of operating systems, because we never know if they can open our file or if the document will change formatting once opened on another computer.

PDF is probable the safest format to send to someone when we want to make sure they will see it properly, with all the columns and figures in the right places.

PDF to XLS convertor

The problem with Excel files archived in PDFs is that they cannot be altered without additional software that allows editing. Luckily, today there are so many fantastic web tools that allow users to convert electronic documents to different formats, but users need to be informed about these possibilities.

Useful project management Documentation Tool

During compressing any project, pfd converter used in any particular assignment. That’s why i listed this tool on top project management documentation files.

Unaware of new, helpful technology, many people are still manually retyping data in Excel in order to edit reports saved in PDF, which is a great waste of time.

Free Online PDF to Excel Converter is a tool that enables users to skip this boring, time-consuming task and turn their PDF into editable Excel spreadsheets in less than a minute.

Since this is free and online software, it can be used on any computer, because there is no software to download. Also, there are no limitations on the number of files users can convert.

The tool attracts users who like free, reliable and quick tools. It is enough to take one look at the tool’s page to be able to use the converter; it is that simple and user-friendly. Here’s how it works:

1)      Click on the link to the PDF to Excel Converter to go to the tool.

2)      Following instructions on the page, select the PDF report you would like to edit.

3)      Provide your email address in the available space.

4)      Click Start.

You’ll immediately receive a direct link to your downloadable Excel report that will have all its original data intact.

It’s good to know that the software company warrants the users’ complete privacy of information and guarantees that their email addresses and uploaded files will be erased 24 hours after receipt.

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