Company’s manger irritates after seeing their employees mostly time on social media sites. How they control these things and what the solution after this? That’s the advances tactics of using their employees getting general ideas about any particular existing or future project.

Although you can’t change the fundamental concept of project management life cycle, but you can modify it to potential benefits. With increasing number of social media usage, you must find some solution for this. Some of your sub-coordinates frown you by appearing most of the time on social networking sites especially in job trimming. You can’t binding them all or spy their system. You should find some solution that may be conscious of your employees mind.

Why Companies allow social their Employees?

Contrast of this theory I explained above, is another theory persist. Some companies allow their employees to get social and modifying themselves and adapt things naturally changing. Although life cycle of project management can’t be changed but there are always some door that never be opened.

Social project management

You found a place, which you can utilized to interact with others about any project. Some project requires your team member separate, so that’s a place where you can connect and share your ideas about project plan.

Develop Own Social Network

Using a social media has been a routing work, so why you don’t make your own network by adopting any popular media like facebook. Every member of your companies must like that and share your personnel experience and general ideas about project. It’s a place where you can get some unique through free of cost and you can fulfill you employees social need as well.

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