Today’s managers feel anxiously during conducting meeting with stakeholders or investors, because of lacking managerial tool and insufficiency of time. For keep away from hassle and arrange scheduling for project planning documentation, it’s important to collect and understanding of fundamentals management tool and operation.

Mostly organizations are already using it for increases product efficiency and output. Excel tracking tool is play role as a backbone in any is existing or projection planning, but you must to review its detail before using it Gantt schedule spreadsheet.

Excel Project Plan Templates

Here I discuss some technical detail regarding this excel templates, make sure you read this carefully before operating this tool on any current business plan. In this chart you shown conditional formatting (main tool of this template) control your entire plan.

project planner chart

Highlight Cells Ruler

In this example you are seen F column highlighted in light blue, this cell used for colored ant row or column according to separation.

TOP/Bottom Ruler

This section used for ruler setting against adding or deleted various box in any particular column or row. This tool also adjusts width or height according to selection.

Data Bars

Here are you seen different types of gradients fill auto section templates, with Gantt chart presentation shown either solid color or gradient fill.

Color Scale/Icon Set

In this area you can adjust the percentage of color according to your project plan for example completion of plan shown different color or percentage.

Column A to H

Column A or B is just assigning those team member who are performing various task on that particular sheet. Column D is showing Date of completion assignment or update with work done. Columns E are showing the completion of work in percentage format, F is the most important graphically presented areas through Gantt chart. For example you are a manager of SEO based task and distribute work like link building, business promotion, offline marketing, error or other webmaster issues on your team member, so you can manage all team work through one sheet either daily basis or monthly basis.

Importance of Project Planning Excel Spreadsheet

Here below I discuss some benefits of using these tool for developing or scheduling business plan.

Plans (Business)

If you select “plans” and then go to sub category “business” from the excel templates it opens many useful excel templates such as five year plan, marketing research plan, projected balance sheet and project team communication plan. All of these templates are extremely useful for project management and widely used all over the world for managers.Before using this must read how to linked your gantt chart with Google spreadsheet?


Another useful excel tracking  template is “planner”. If you click on this template it will open at least 35 templates and all of these are related to project management. Few highly used templates in this category are weekly planner, project planner and intuitive task management.

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