Visuals have more power than words, that is people use why logos to describe their brands rather than names. Product description templates can help you to present product information in more professional way. MS provide many service, product and catalog based temples in MS Word that you can easily download and use for your product biography. Here are list of some templates that can be use are product broaches.

The main concern while making it should on content, more your content will be interesting or using varieties of font more your customer get notice about that.

Types of Product Description Templates

Here are few types listed down there, according to formatting for using either professional or business purposes. It’s very important documentation process of project management watch.

Tri folded Brochure

It is a tri folded brochure template that qualified ably created for product or service description. It has a blue colored background and having four heading with image and text description.

Brochure (Bars design)

It is another tri fold brochure template that can portray your products features, services offered, price and other details in a smart way. Each product box has 1 image and text option. You can easily add image of product in it and place information about the product besides that image.

Direct marketing catalog (for commercial printing)

In this template you can place your product in a showcase of 8 page theme. Multiple categories of products can be cover in this type of product description template in excel. This template has designed with space for product images and description for multiple colors and sizes.

product description excel templates

Datasheet (style)

Like its name in this template you can list all products of company and services. You can add products with multiple images on the front and with description you can add images in the back.

IT Staffing Solution Template

It is a succinct template that depicts all necessary information in a well turned-out way for IT based products and service. It is a simple template that design in two horizontal folds with multiple areas in both folds sections. It first fold over It would be good to add company information, brand popularity metrics and consulting information for customers with a quick information about product type. In second fold you can be more descriptive about product, its features, and its working instruction like mostly IT products have a HOW TO USE section in brochures. Second folder has sectioned in many areas with images and description region.

Logo footer has imbibed, so you need to add company information just once after that you can change this template for different versions of same product with just additional information. Normally a new version products template have an old version information by default all you need to is to add NEW FEATURES in this product biography template.