Most of the project managers wants to build a team of highly motivated and extremely devoted persons because its people in the end who makes the difference between successful and failed projects. It is the responsibility of project manager that he has to choose right kind of people for his project and then keep them motivated by assigning them right jobs and keep them involved in the project. Following are few tips through which a project manager can build an efficient team for his project.Only top level manager utilized these techniques for getting maximum output.

Clear about Objectives and Goals

As a team leader it is your duty to clarify the objectives to each team member so that they can perform their duties as per needs of the project. It is the responsibility of the team leader that he keeps reminds his team time to time that their little more effort can create a huge difference in the success of the project.

Communication with the Team

As a team leader it is important for you to communicate with your team in a way that they can understand your objectives and goals. Keep in mind that most of the projects failed because of lack of communication at the different levels of the project management.

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Relationship with the Team Members

A project manager needs to have good and strong relationship with his employees. If there are any issues between employees at any level you have to resolve these issues as early as you know about these issues.

Build a Consensus on Different Issues

Remember that it is the duty of the leader that he has to build a consensus whenever conflicting issues arises. Don’t be the autocrat because you cannot make the project successful single handedly. You have to involve your team in decision making process.

Accepting the Responsibility

A Project manager has to assign job responsibilities to all of his team members in order to avoid any kind of conflict among job descriptions and responsibilities. This will also helpful in motivating the team members because when people have their unique assignments they perform well.


As a team leader you have to take regular feedback from your team members and analyze the current position of project. Through employees feedback you will be able to know that the how much work has already been done and what is still needed to do. It is also important for you that make team members feel that their input and feedback is important for you and for the project. You also need to give your comments and feedback about the work of each and every team member.

By looking at above mentioned tips it will be easy for you to develop and motivate a team for your project. You have to remember that success and failure of the projects depends on their teams. A highly motivated team can do wonders for you and can take your towards success. Keep in mind that a project is an uncertain mission and you have to keep your team integrated and together in order to achieve the highest levels of success.

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