Six phases of project management life cycle in respect of planning, analyzing, developing, testing and budgeting. Review PMI Full life cycle model of Project Plan. Project Management life cycle stated that, a process where all resources combines to meet a particular project plan. Any project has some standards or methodologies that maintain project flow aligned. In this post I will discuss important phase of project management planning through controlling or directing by top administrative authority.

Before planning a project some questions are come in every manage mind like what will be the prospects of this project? How to utilized resources for this? Identify to key resources for master plan? Who is the responsible of scheduling management and monthly report projection planning? How is handling the daily base task and assigned duties to subordinates? Actually the main purpose to develop Project management life cycle is to solve these questions that come to every manager before planning either preliminary or master plan about any little product or organization development.

Management Life Cycle

Definition of Project Phases

You must follow the step of life cycle phases one by one, success of first phase impact positive of another phase, without completion of initiation phase it’s impossible to get the last one. So all phases are parallel to each other according to particular plan perspective.

How Idea Matter in Planning project Phases

Ideas is the main thing of considering before planning any project, more your idea will be unique more your chances to success that plan.

Introduction to Project management Life cycle Phases

There are basic 5 phases of life cycle, every management training courses you acknowledged by these stages for understanding the core purpose of project management. Although some researchers add one more stage called “follow up” and placed it after closing. Review more about project management life cycle through another post in detail.

  • Initiation Phase
  • Designing Phase
  • Execution
  • Monitoring & Tracking
  • Finalization
  • Follow up

Difference between Project Stages and Project Processes

The basic different between projects phases stages and process is variety of plan, once process like master plan approved by authorities than project stages would be start afterward. Project stages are standard as define below but planning process would be changing according to financial budgeting demand.

This post is all about phases of project management life cycle and other outcomes, that may affected throughout the implementation of project.

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