Successfully Initiate New Ideas in Your Business

It’s a common story; you’ve got the best of intentions for building up your business. All those fresh ideas you researched are all in your diary under ‘To-Do.’ Fast-forward a year though and those same ideas are still sitting in your old diary.

Things can get a little hectic from time to time when you’re running your own business. Putting new ideas and plans into action can take the backbench. In this day and age though, missing a business opportunity could put your business on the back foot.

Become an expert

Before you kick off any new ideas, make sure that you have done your research. Know what your project is going to entail, inside and out. Whether you’re building a new mobile app or website, collect as much information about the topic as you can and become an expert. Seeing what’s happening in the field will give you a good indication of what you want to achieve and how you’ll go about getting it done.

Paint a picture

Paint a vivid vision for your new idea. Build up some excitement around what you’re trying to do. People are more likely to buy into an idea that has a clear vision or cause. The best start for this will be using ideas that feed the company business model. For an example, read about Dr. Lisa Tseng from United Healthcare in How to Persuade Your Boss to Fund Your business Idea.

Draw up a plan

Plan out what you need to achieve to get your idea off the ground. Break activities down to smaller stages so they’re easily managed. Think about your budget and how long things will take to complete s well. Put in as much detail as you can. It can be overwhelming thinking about starting a new project but putting your plans to paper will help you visualize the steps.

Once you have a detailed plan you need to communicate it to the appropriate people. It could be employers or contractors or government officials, but check with the appropriate people that your plans can be achieved. If you have to apply for consents or funds make sure you get everything together early so you’re ready to go.

Keep things organized

It’s usually a good idea to create a folder or document where you keep all the information related to your project. This way, you only have one place to go if you need to find something. If you’re working with a large group make the folder available online so your team can access the information wherever they are. Remember to update on a regular basis.

Build relationships

While you try and get your new ideas into action, you’ll encounter people along the way. Nurture these relationships; you never know when you might call on them again.The 7 Pillars of Connecting With Absolutely Anyone is a great guide to work with a variety of people.  Reliable suppliers, freelancers and other business owners are all useful contacts to have.

Combine these tips with your new ideas to get the ball rolling and successfully initiate any new business idea.  This way you won’t miss that opportunity to grow your business by putting them off, or losing them in that stack of plans that hasn’t been reviewed in weeks.