Before I come to the point, first little bit discussion on what is project procurements? It’s a systematic method which utilized project manager through proper market research and data. There are many outsourcing companies that hire external source for analysis their internal affair for this process. The first step in this phase is to conduct a brief report according to past data, all of observation and management research finalized collected data arrange via any business management tool like Excel or MS access share point.

Your complete focus Is directed to particular goal of project during any phase of analysis, sometime our intention divert to another way, at-last this will be negative effect on outcomes.

Procurements process

Close procurements project planning

What is Close Procurements Project Process

This phase initiate after the closing of procurements process, the main purpose of this study and implement in to any particular project is to surety about the goal completion via attainable tasks. Either checking in case of risk management, record keeping, communication allocation tools or other resources of data.

After the making of preliminary plan according to arranging project management documentation, check through procurements audit or communication record system to close procurements of data.

Most of the time this system applied in barters system, every buyer must gives to seller a written agreement on any particular goods or service.

This study just help to any existing or potential project plan as guidance, mostly project manager add this process with project management life cycle.

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