Sales Funnel Template in Excel

Microsoft office has always come up with various assisting tools to negotiate the time consumption and helping you in making precise graphs and charts to review the activities of business and monitoring the potential growth rates at different levels. You can create different types of graphical representations in or to evaluate the particular development sectors in the business. Similarly in Excel, you can form various kinds of graphs and charts to monitor the store of proportions for different segments. Funnel templates are used to understanding and collection of product or service related data through entire system.

By using such graphs, you can summarize the whole business activity in one figure that reveals the total potential of that activity running in the business. After the insertion of data in the require filling space, it automatically creates the proportional sectors in the figure which are rightly in accordance with technical division and substantial manipulation. Out of these very tools, one such interesting and supportive tool is the Funnel Chart in Excel. Let’s take a look on how exactly it works and help you preceding your business activities.

How to Create Sales Funnel Template or Spreadsheet

Sequentially breaking down the structure of funnel chart, we see that there are five progressive stages in the funnel chart which are briefed as follow;

1-      First stage is called prospective and this is the part of reference where the seller cognizes the targeted sector in the market. This is the proportional sector devised for the expected customer index and here, measured analyses of seller are used to determine the magnitude.

2-      Second stage is the discovery stage and this is sector in which revealed customers are placed. In this portion, the potential area of customers, which are really aware of your product and have the capacity to buy the product, are nominated.

3-      Third stage is called as presentation and in which interested customers which have already revealed a will to buy the product are presented with their relative proportion.

4-      Then comes the fourth stage which is known as quotation and in this sector, confirmed buyers are placed with the exact stats of their existence in the market.

5-      Last stage of graph breakdown in Funnel Pipe Line chart, known as Negotiation, shows the proportion of customers with which company relies on making a deal and they precede their negotiations.

Sales Funnel Templates in Excel

How to Make Funnel Pipe Line Chart

In order to make this chart, the tutorial is stated as below;

1-      Select a 100% stacked pyramid and switch it to 2D phase.

2-      After selecting it, turn it upside down and after flipping it, label its various sectors.

3-      After you label the sectors, enter the required proportional figures in the spaces provides and then, customize it according to the desires ratios.

4-      After the insertion of figures, the biggest part of prospective should be placed at the top and it has the maximum area.

5-      Make sure that it end with negotiation and central line divisions should be removed and all the sectors should join respectively.

Once you are done with making this Funnel Pipe Line chart, you can easily review the proportional difference and potential segments of the business by observing this graph.

Benefits of Funnel Templates in Excel

You can add multiple spreadsheets through one funnel document, so it’s easy for you to managing data and contact information about customers or business investors and brokers. Salesman facing no problem regarding conducting data in large files list.