How effective is online web based EMR software?

The medical industry has completely revolutionized with the introduction and growth of electronic medical records (EMR) solutions. The information that was previously recorded in huge file cabinets and other storage systems can be computerized using the digitized EMR technology. While paper-based handling remains in use in some medical offices, EMR systems continue to become more cost-effective management and reliable; hence, causing a greater percentage of practices to make a switch to such software.

With the rapid transformation in technology, data storage is going mobile in order to keep with the latest developments in tablet and Smartphone technology. Web-based EMR offer on-the-go accessibility to medical practitioners; thus, taking medical practice to the next level. Those who have invested in this online health care system have already experienced considerably improved performance in the overall system. This includes better working situations for doctors and other staff, and above all, improved services for patients requiring quality care.

As a remotely accessed system, a web based EMR can be used via internet browser. However, sometimes accessing the solution requires paying a certain monthly or rental fee.  Security is one the core advantages of online EMR as the server that hosts the application is HIPAA compliant and secure. Usually a professional software development company handle the technical features of the server such as backups, maintenance etc.

online web based EMR software

Benefits of Web based EMR Software

Using online electronic medical records software, you can easily maintain detailed information regarding patient demographics, lab results, allergies, records of current and previous illnesses, medications history, previous encounters etc. So, at any given time, doctors and their staff have the benefit of low cost entry, and also have access to updated information at any given time.

Other than that, as most of the information computing and processing in a web-based EMR is done on the remote server, the costs of managing onsite hardware is considerably reduced. Therefore, allowing users to access information any time, from anywhere using an internet connection. You do not have to worry about installing the software or upgrading it. Such tasks are handled by the software service provider. Data protection is crucial in today’s times and care must be taken that the data in an EMR system is protected at all levels from software problems to hardware issues.

Some of the useful features of an online EMR include “E-prescribing, Electronic Chart, Decision support system, Image management, document management, Email integration, Scheduling, Patient Registration” and much more.  Such features and more help improve patient quality of care and safety and minimize medication error.

The primary investment for a web based EMR system is much lesser in comparison to other systems. The reason is that you do not have to but servers, hardware or software or spend extra money on maintenance, which can turn out quite expensive.  This greatly reduces the overall operational costs.