In this day and age many people are going straight into the workplace without further education, so that bills can be paid and some sort of ‘career progression’ can be made at an early age. However, younger people often lack the experience and skills to be successful, or else they are too young to know which career choices really suit them. This can lead to low job retention rates, and these candidates may struggle to find a second job at an awkward age. Over the past couple of decades however, certificates aimed at enhancing certain aspects of a career have been popular development routes – and they can help people at all ages.

There are different reasons behind people not wanting to do a project management course; these include uncertainty about whether they want to be a project manager, the costs or time involved, or doubts about the cost to benefit ratio. However the experience and skills a course can give will never damage a career, so if the opportunity arises to take part in such a course then it is well worth while.

The variety of environments in which project management skills are needed is surprising; for example even in a small retail shop a team may still need leading while a sole trader can benefit from skills aimed at increasing productivity.

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Key Features of Project Management Certification

If you have the opportunity to attend a course of this type, you will learn about Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which are important in most jobs regarding sales. You will also learn about the risks associated with a project, which is key for recognising how to tackle certain tasks. Scheduling and milestones are included in the syllabus too; a quality project manager will not only need to stick to and communicate deadlines and create milestones, but recognising the important milestones on project planning is something to be learnt.

There are also sections dedicated to learning about the project management role and the roles of others within a team; if everyone learns the same definitions of these roles the chances of confusion or ‘blurred lines’ within a team are reduced. Identifying any issues within a team is also an important skill that the syllabus covers. One of the most important skills taught in the syllabus is communication; this is one key example of a topic that is important in all roles in every job not just within project management.

If you think that any of the above skills are important to your role then do not be put off by the course title – there are still valuable things to learn even if you do not want to be a “project manager”. Most projects will fail because the wrong requirements have been addressed from the brief, the implementation is poor, or the outcome is impossible, something changes along the way and has gone unnoticed, or the team loses sight of the aims and benefits. Employers will know that with a project management certificate you will be in a decent position to recognise these problems and rectify them or avoid them in the first place.

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A project management course certificate is important in your professional life as on paper an employer will know what academic skills you possess – although, of course, these skills still need to be demonstrated and backed up.

If the course has been taken whilst in employment it may well mean more responsibility is coming your way. Niche courses such as this show your interest and dedication to your career; they show that you want to do well and that you are serious about doing well. Project management is definitely not for everybody as not everyone can just be taught to lead but learning about communication, KPIs and other important parts of business management are useful for all employees.

The author Holly Williamson writes about the effects of a having a certificate in project management on your professional life and the impact it has on a curriculum vitae. As there is always some confusion as to whether it is qualifications or experience that are more important in the job application process, a certificate can sometimes prove both of these qualities.

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