Popular Business and Project Management Android Application 2013

Mobile technology is a basic need in this modern area, every traditional terms squeeze in to different format. After the revolution in major industries like Microsoft, Cisco, Apple, Samsung and other industries every things adjust in any little area. That’s like these apps system in mobile are making life easier than ever before. In this post I will discuss some best project management application used in every business for different ways.

Android and IOS business going towards unlimited peak, every day thousands of apps are in front of you some categorized into games, some placed between business applications and other entertainments and free way stuff.

Why Project Managers Need Android Apps?

Recently announced 5th international project management conference point out some latest IT technology involvement in planning or managing a project. IOS and android are also being considered in this meeting. Force project manager to use this technology for arranging recourses at any place, assign duties online and use it during business meeting where you haven’t take laptop.

Advantages of Android and IOS Applications

Google manage android application and Apple create IOS that required different software in mobile to operate. Different apps use for different purposes like some use only for business purposes some extract your file in to mobile and you can see it, some compatible to view PDF to XLS convertor, some templates shape your sponsorship proposal in to professional way.

  • Easy project management
  • Meeting with stakeholder, clients and investors
  • Time saving
  • Easy project management life
  • Do not worry about extra things
  • More concentration on project

Business security application

Review some popular Business Apps

Project Schedule Free

This is a free application for scheduling time and resources in to your desire at any place and any time. This app compatible to many official documents like XLS and import CVS report of data.

Project Viewer

The most demanded project management application; you can view any project through your E-mail and dropbox directly with compact open .MPP and .XML files.

Mobile Project Manager

It’s a little project manager software with other necessary performance and tracking tool like Gantt chart MS excel. You can create any project basic requirements through at any place.

So these are popular business apps for daily life, if you are trouble with hectic schedule than now it’s a time to establish a perfect manual for business planning with modern technologies.