Now it’s the time to compare you with world’s most competitive and talented managers in general. Recently PMI organized 5th international conference where worlds best financial to marketing, HR to communication and other departmental managers join the party.

The objective of this meeting was to compile latest tool and IT techniques among managers. Point out their drawbacks and force towards using latest tool and tracking software like Gantt chart, Microsoft Excel, Time-sheet and spreadsheet management and other various project management tools.

Project Manager

Are you a Good Manager?

There are some skills required to be a perfect manager, without these skills you may lack anything and finally you are not consider a perfect choice for any company.

Time Management

One of the most important fundamental skills required for done any project within specified time span. Mostly companies train their manager by some short training time management courses to enhance their skill. They know about the value of time, a project manager demands much higher salary usually above $45000 per year, so you can’t afford wasting time on preliminary stuff.

Relationship & Communication

Communication training consider a back bone skill of any manager, nowadays companies hire managers based of this skill because you have to continuously contact with company internal or external coordinators, stakeholders, investors, shareholders and other company board of director.

You would also a responsible for maintain and create relationship with clients at any cost.


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