Goodbye New Year’s Resolutions. Hello September Shape Up. The return to the office after the summer vacation is the best time to get your projects in shape, says Jason Westland.

LA HABRA, Aug 29, 2013 – The annual return to work after the long summer break is when most project managers turn up at their desk with a view to starting afresh and straightening things out their projects, says Jason Westland, CEO of

“As we have clients in various industry segments we see this happening across all sectors,” he says. “It’s the same each year. September really is a great month to start a new habit, and you are much more likely to stick with it now than you are at New Year.”

If going back to work makes you want to review your projects, then there are a number of easy tasks to start with that will make a real difference to your project success. Review your risk log, your project budget, your team’s workload and your quality plan, as these are often things that get overlooked when times are busy.

“Project managers and their teams come back to work with a new sense of verve and a great attitude after a summer holiday,” Westland says. “They return to work ready to face the challenges that project management brings, and if they stick to their new habits, they will ultimately be more successful.”

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About was founded in 2008 by four guys who wanted to create a better toolset for managing projects. Within 12 months of going live, the company grew to 25 staff and produced a healthy revenue stream.



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