Paypal is the finalist of the Netflix OSS Prize competition. The contest was organized over a project named Auora. This project is related to Netflix’s Asgard Could-Management system rebuilt for Open-Stack. Currently, Netflix is recognized as a big user of Amazon Cloud. Its technological plans if retooled for Open-Stack as well, then it would be a remarkable future outcome.

Netflix has made an alternate following technique in the Information Technology World. It has made Amazon Web Services cloud platform according to Netflix’s will. Asgard is its most famous design. It is a web interface that assists engineers and developers to manage AWS infrastructure using GUI rather than a command line. Now Paypal is rebuilding Asgard to run on Open-Stack as well. This would give rise to an open source cloud platform that Rackspace developed with a primary purpose of competing with AWS.

This would be an amazing development for Open-Stack. If Open-Stack users would become able to port some of this innovation over some other platform, that is, if they could make another Netflix OSS Cloud Prize finalist generated Netflix’S Chaos Monkey tool to run on non-AWS environment, this would be an amazing achievement for them. It would bring more users on the site.