Microsoft has reached to HTC to assess the impact of adding Windows as another OS to its Android handset. This was reported by Bloomberg News. However, it is not clear that whether the two handsets would allow a sharing of some applications or not. This would make the new shared application very interesting and innovative. Recently Microsoft planto launch ARM tablet review it for more detail.

However, the Bloomberg news also reported that this project is at the beginning and there can appear a possibility in the future that Microsoft would make some changes in the project. HTC is forecasted to be the target of Microsoft to be used in the future applications. The head of Operating system of Microsoft Corporation Mr. Terry Myerson Myerson is moving to Taiwan to arrange the details of this project.

TechCrunch Corporation is also interested in this project of Microsoft Corporation. It is viewing the project details. As it is clear that HTC is the hardware partner of Microsoft Corporation for Windows Phone, therefore the project about HTC and Android would give an interest deal to Microsoft. This would give TechCrunch a decent opportunity to share it role in this project as well which will be beneficial for Tech Crunch as well.

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