The role of Bill Gates in Microsoft Corporation has become uncertain due to many myths and unauthentic news revolving in the media. The Chief Executive of Microsoft Corporation Steve Ballmer has resigned in the previous month and the corporation has not finalized a name for the Chief Executive Post yet.

The criticism by the top stakeholders of Microsoft Corporation against Bill Gates is also spreading speculations. The stakeholders view Mr. Bill Gates role in Microsoft as hindrance in approving various beneficial projects for the corporation. Therefore, the speculations are around there discussing that what would be Mr. Bill Gates role in the future in Microsoft Corporation.

Nonetheless it should not be forget that it was Mr. Bill Gates who was the soul runner for Microsoft Corporation for many years. Mr. Gates has been an inspiration for various technological giants.

The founder of Facebook, a global social networking site, said that in his childhood he viewed Mr. Bill Gates as his hero. Despite the speculations, it should also be noticed that Mr. Bill Gates alone has the highest share in Microsoft Corporation. The appointment of future CEO will play a crucial role in soothing the speculations concerning the role of Mr. Bill Gates in Microsoft Corporation in future.

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