To Get Advance Management, China Branches Out Into Europe

China want to secure its export market share abroad, particularly in Europe as the continent provides favorable investment conditions, Professor Joseph Cheng, from the Hong Kong City University told RT.

China is securing its exports market share in foreign countries especially in Europe. This is because this continent has favorable conditions to make high investments. This was told by Professor Joseph Cheng who is a renowned political analyst in China. He said that China wants to gain the technology and aims to progress in this field. China is also viewing advance management techniques as desirable for enhancing exports. This would give advantage to the Chinese sector in the competitive foreign world.

He said that China has a huge annual turnover amounting to more than $3.2 trillion. China has invested a large amount of money in United States treasury bills on project management. However, this investment has a low return and high depreciation involvement with it. Therefore, China is looking to invest in Europe now rather than in U.S. Europe is considered to be the desirable place for technological transfer. Therefore, Chinese experts are looking over the European region for suitable investments in this regard.