Project Management and Quantity Surveying

When you’re planning a private, residential build it can quickly turn into an absolute nightmare if you try to do everything yourself, especially if you’re working in full-time employment at the same time. Regardless of whether this will be your first time or your third time, it’s always a tough and completed process that can spiral out of control at the drop of a hard hat.

Finding a construction consultancy that offers PM services as part of its portfolio will allow you to sleep again and keep the stress to more manageable levels. Not only will a good company have extensive experience, knowledge and contacts, but they can be relied upon to do a comprehensive job that will make you wonder how (or why) you even considered going it alone in the first place!.

Project managers are the glue

Project managers gather everything up and hold it all together effortlessly. Choosing a comprehensive service means that they will handle the cost planning, the project structure, valuation, find, vet and manage the contractors, create a full programme of the project, tracks costs and create reports. And that’s only scratching the surface.

If you only need a couple of services then you should be able to find a company offering bespoke project management and choose exactly what you need them to do. This enables you to manage your own workload and be able to have some of the pressure taken off by an experienced PM professional.

PMP Training

Quantity surveying may be the service you need; with a consultant quantity surveyor managing the costs, value and risk management among other jobs, you can have a huge chunk of the work taken off your plate. Talk to a construction consultancy to ascertain whether a full project manager or a quantity surveyor is suited to your requirement as the jobs share many similarities.

Save time, effort and money

Having a project manager to do almost everything or only a couple of things could easily save you time, money and certainly effort. Their experience can fill in the gaps in yours and show you the best ways of doing certain things.

They keep the project at its most efficient and, with comprehensive and bespoke companies such as Bhangals Construction Consultants, that will really look after every tiny detail, even down to monitoring the weather to see if it will affect the project or contractors. Look around and find quotes, look for experience and a bespoke service because all good consultancies are more than aware than each project is different.

Finding the right project manager or quantity surveyor

Whether you need full project management or quantity surveyor services, a construction consultancy should be able to give you the exact service you need. They can tailor their services to match the extent that you need them and will give you vital and ongoing support during the project.

Talk through your project with your prospective construction consultancy and make sure that you feel happy and confident with their service. They should keep you informed regularly and feel free to ask about anything  you’re unsure about, they’ll understand that every step of the project is of vital importance and that should be reflected in their work.

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