Every organization that has undertaken a project, wants it to be smoothly managed and executed in a timely and successful manner. But to achieve this, it has ensure that there is accurate and convenient communication and collaboration among various team members that are working together over a project. But enabling such effortless communication can be a big challenge as members working over a project, are based in different parts of the world and the distances between them can, obstruct smooth flow of communication and hamper its functioning.

Using ProofHub for Better Communication and Collaboration Over Projects

ProofHub, a project management system has been specifically designed for improving communication and collaboration over projects. It not only facilitates communication, but also organizes project affairs and aids in their proper conduction and resolution.

ProofHub has done a lot of research over the needs of people who are actively involved in managing projects and the challenges and problems they face in their work. A lot of toil has gone into making this application perfect for managing projects. The driving idea has been to make it easy for users to work with, so they can do their tasks and activities faster, efficiently as well as enjoy their stay at work.

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How ProofHub Boosts The Project Management Process?

ProofHub makes it easy to describe and document tasks and activities that various team members have to perform. As these get elaborately and accurately described, every member knows which of the tasks and activities he has to perform by the appointed time. They receive timely email notifications which will inform them about the upcoming deadlines of their tasks and they perform their tasks with more attention and productivity without missing or forgetting any of them. Thus every member is crystal clear about his role and duties he has to perform.

Communication and collaboration among team members working over a project can be easily enabled through discussions. They can instantly connect with their fellow members from anywhere in the world and actively discuss over an issue and provide suggestions, inputs for resolving it fast and efficiently. Thus multiple people are on the same page over an issue. This saves time and helps in timely and effective resolution of important matters besides building team spirit among members involved. Even clients, customers, sponsors and other stakeholders can be easily invited over projects and an organization can easily communicate with them over important business and project issues. This helps to build trust between an organization and its stakeholders.

Tracking of a project is a must to know if the project is on the right path and is proceeding according to the plan and schedule. ProofHub helps to achieve tracking over projects in an easy and effective manner. Dashboard helps to know which of the tasks and activities are being carried out at a particular point of time. Thus a project manager knows precisely who is doing what and if people are doing their work as desired. Gantt charts have been provided in ProofHub which help a project manager to know the progress over a project in a precise and analytical manner.

The level of completion of various tasks can be clearly viewed. Task dependencies can be accurately established and negotiated with. Any rescheduling of tasks can be achieved easily without making major changes to the original project plan.

ProofHub is a utilitarian project management system that will help project managers to have a firm grip over project affairs and deal with them in a flexible and enterprising manner. This will not only add to their capability, but will also lead to timely and successful execution of projects.

Author Bio:

Sharon is a Business manager of ProofHub, a web based project management software that facilitates management of projects and helps in their faster and accurate accomplishment as per schedule. It enables the team members who are spread out in different locations in the world to collaborate over project matters. They can define, document, discuss, organize, coordinate, review and control different project matters efficiently which results in their quick resolution. With its use, organizational objectives can be achieved effectively along with the generation of intended gains and assets.

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