If you have never been to the North West of England you are missing out on a lot of culture and excitement. London and the South East are always spoken about for the lifestyle, but here in the North West it is just as good, and definitely cheaper! That is why it also makes an excellent place for businesses. There is a tight community both professionally and socially, but that does not mean that there is not space for a few more firms to make their homes here. London is the main place regarding eduction and short training like risk management and other.

Could you be one of the businesses that opens an office or branch in the North West of England? There are lots of benefits, so here are a few just to convince you a bit further…

Business costs

London is notoriously expensive when it comes to office spaces, which is why Manchester or Liverpool could be a breath of fresh air. Whilst there is always a premium when it comes to locations in a city centre, you will find the charges significantly less than in the nation’s capital city. It is worth creating a spreadsheet with expected costs in a couple of different locations so you can really see the contrast between the figures.

Business Management


When it comes to business, the North West of England has a connected community. People like to get together and talk about everything from the availability of to the best suppliers of milk and bread for the office. Firms here are known to lend each other a hand, providing insight and advice; this camaraderie is something that surely isn’t seen as much in London.


There are plenty of brilliant business events that happen each year in the North West; some are annual and others will be newly launched. There are a lot of venues in the region that are home to these events, however many of the big ones can be found in Manchester or Liverpool. Whether you are involved in media or finance, there will be an exhibition, conference or seminar that would be well suited for employees from your business.

Transport links

Another excellent reason to be based in this region is because of the transport links. Locations here are easily accessible by road, rail and air. For example, the M6 motorway is a major road network which comes from the north or the south, and the M62 comes over from the east. There are also lots of train stations in this area, one of the busiest being Manchester Piccadilly, followed by Liverpool Lime Street. Airports also make flying in and out of the country straightforward; the largest being Manchester Airport and Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

There are many other reasons which make the North West such a wonderful region to be based, but you will have to come and visit it for yourself to really get a feel for everything. You never know, this time next year you may well have an office or branch open here.

William is an avid writer and likes to help people with different aspects specially education and North West funding . So he thought of doing this piece which will help people in making a clear choice

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