Top Latest Trends of Project Manager in 2014

This report is directly from Esi technology, the biggest project manager platform, discuss about some latest highly demanded trend in project management. So in this News you got an idea about technology of Web based been using, agile foundation or PMP training and any other trend regarding project manager getting hype regular basis.

 Some Important Detail for Project managers in 2014

Here are some pin points regarding training, tools and techniques by managerial positioned manager. So keep up-to-date with this.

project management trend 2014

  • Agile system increased their network in many other countries like Hong Kong and Singapore, so it’s good news for particular countries residences.
  • EPC companies denied about any connectivity with PMI and managerial system
  • PMP tool consider a hard way to deal with multiple projects, so looking for better.
  • Major companies unsatisfied by their project manager’s performance importantly construction areas, so they implement new tactics about it both of technology changing and resources also.

This detail I found in major PMP trend in 2014 related blog ESI International, so ProjectManagementWatch isn’t hold any responsibility about truth of these news.