Why are online PDF converters so popular? Because they come into practical use almost every day in the office, at school or at home. The PDF is one of the most popular digital formats in the world because it is incredibly convenient. ProjectManagementWatch Provides you best tools for project management.

A PDF looks the same no matter what platform you are running on your computer, and it’s also one of the compact file types available. However, PDF cannot be edited, which is when people need a tool. Converting a PDF into an editable file format allows you to access the data within it, which is a need that comes in handy very often when working with digital documents.

Cometdocs is a name that has been high on the list of reliable online PDF conversion solutions for over five years now. While the website has offered high-quality free file conversions for some time, the revamped version of the service offers easier access than ever, along with other document management options such as cloud storage and online file transfers.

Cometdocs can help you to convert a variety of file types. It converts PDFs into a huge number of editable and non-editable file formats, converts just about any file type into a PDF and even converts XPS files, which not many other free services offer.

Another cool thing about Cometdocs is that the service is constantly adding new tools to give its users a better overall experience. An iOS app has been added that gives Apple uses access to the service via smartphone or tablet and Cometdocs also now offers an API service that allows developers who might be interested in integrating Cometdocs’ conversion capabilities into their own apps a chance to do so.

Another fantastic innovation is the Cometdocs Desktop App.

Using this app, you will unlock the key to the fastest and most convenient online file conversion process ever. If you want to check it out and see how it works, registered for a completely free Cometdocs account and download the app here to install it.

Unparalleled convenience                                       

The Cometdocs Desktop App really does take online file conversion onto a completely new level of ease and convenience. When using the desktop app, you’ll never have to open your web browser again in order to perform a file conversion. You’ll never have to check your email for download links for retrieving your converted file. You will be able to convert and download your file with just one step, right from your desktop.

Here’s how it works.

Perform a right click on the file you want to convert. On the menu that appears, locate the circular, orange Cometdocs logo. If you are converting a PDF, you will see the words “Convert To” next to the logo. Go there and then select the file conversion option that you need. You can convert your PDF to Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, text, Libre Writer, AutoCAD file formats, images, HTML, and more.

If you are converting a file into a PDF, you will see “Create PDF” next to the logo. Simply select that option.

And that’s all it takes – one right click.


As soon as you have made your conversion selection, the file is sent to the Cometdocs servers for conversion. And as soon as it’s converted, it is automatically downloaded back to your computer. You’ll find the new file in the same folder your original file is located in.


Additional cloud storage options

If you would like to take advantage of the free cloud storage space you get when signing up for a free Cometdocs account, you can do that through the desktop app as well. Just right-click on the file you want to store with Cometdocs, then select the options Send To > Cometdocs.


If you already have a cloud storage service that you use, like Google Drive or Dropbox, the desktop app allows you to integrate Cometdocs’ file conversion options with these services.

Simply open your cloud storage folder and perform the exact same one-step conversion process for any file you want to convert from within your favorite cloud storage service. The file will be converted and automatically downloaded into your cloud folder, synching your new file with your storage immediately.



Anyone looking for the ultimate in productivity when it comes to free online file conversion owes it to themselves to check out how much time and effort the Cometdocs Desktop App can save them.

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