There is no feeling more comforting and consoling then knowing you are going to be better the next moment.Improvements with in the performance in mandatory and while considering nothing is always perfect, we should always looks for the ways that can give us power to be perfect this day and more perfect the other day.

Do you ever heard of your bosses saying you are not performing the right way and that you need to polish your abilities and make improvements in your work? At this moment you would definitely thought of some insight help, this too but quality improvement can also helps you in improved performance and modify behavior.


Performance plans are generally suggested by the supervisors for their employees to help in identifying their present performance s thus helping them in their behavioral issues and it creates a written corrective plan of actions to guide them to improve their selves and to be work effectively for organization. Mainly PIP (Performance Improvement Plan)is a structured communication tool designed to built productive discussion between the employees and their supervisors.


PIP, is a great way to give struggling employees the opportunity to succeed while still holding them accountable for past performance. This is not clear why an employee is not doing well. Isn’t he getting well trained? Does the provided training isn’t enough? Isn’t the job expectations are still unclear to him? Until you have not provided the employee to express his views he won’t be able to answer you by his own and thus he will not ever understand your plan. The PIP, in many cases, can be used in place of the disciplinary processes.  A PIP can be given at any point in performance discussions with the employee. Some common uses for the PIP include:

  • To correct work breakdown behaviors affecting performance, productivity or staff relationships.
  • To heel of  unsatisfactory annual reviews and overall performance
  • To provide employees an opportunity to correct a situation rather than implementing a

Instead of the formal PIP, it is better to have well-planned, measurable PIP that is reinforced by positive and expressed supervisory support than can provide encouragement to the employee, than more serious step in the disciplinary process.

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