Proforma Invoice Excel Template

In our daily life, we seek certain quotations and estimated rough calculations before purchasing something or start acquiring some sort of services. Proforma invoice is such useful thing in that case which is basically a quotation slips but quite similar to purchase invoice. Excel invoice templates are one useful for of tool to create these invoices.

On a major note, while creating this invoice, it includes estimated idea of the desired services or products, lined-up cost calculation and imposed conditions of services provider, besides it also has offers of discounts and concessions.

Once you have created a draft of, no matter as many customers seek for this invoice, you can simply check the relevant items from the entire list and featured with Excel cost function, an automated bill will be generated for the marked items. Now change preferences and acquire an entirely new bill every time. This is as simple as clicking over a game.

Proforma Invoice Excel

Format of Proforma Invoice Excel Templates

Usually there is no categorically stated format for indeed there are some important factors which you need to keep in mind while creating this sort of template. In European culture, this template is considered equivalent to purchase invoice but in most Asian countries, it is just equivalent to formal quotation with implied polices and service charges. Below is a step wise format described for this template;

  • Starts with company name as header
  • Then includes the personal information of the customer
  • Then is the list of stated items or demanded services along with their individual costs and summed up total
  • In case any service conditions applied, write them
  • Lastly, signature of activity supervisor to ensure that the document is authentic

Check out InvoiceTemp for more detail. Using these templates, you don’t need to be hectic when customer demands a pre-purchase quotation with all applied conditions and charges.