Establishing milestones on the accurate requirement of the end objective help in reducing inefficiencies in particular project. One of the aims of project management is to predict time estimates and to budget out cost required for a project. top Blogs and websites are interrelated words for users who are unaware of the difference between websites and blogs.

Forums and blogs are usually created by people who have less investment or capital amount therefore they usually adopt choice of creating blogs instead making websites. Blogs show written comments from audience coming to the website on some specific topic. Some posts contain more detail while others are short and relevant.

Top  Project Management Blogs

People usually read blog to learn basic or more detailed information regarding a specific topic. They are also useful to make a functional decision as it shows the user comments about a particular topic their choice as well as their experience when using a particular item. Top project management blogs attract a lot of audience to the website as it is one of the focusing points for managers. Some of the top project management blogs are

  • Voices on project management
  • Personal experience of managers is mentioned in the blog which help newbie’s as well as skilled project managers.
  • The money files
  • It is useful for all type of project managers employed in any type of business.
  • Project management hut
  • Having articles over a topic help in generating knowledge about a particular topic which is a feature of this blog.

Purpose of Project Management Blogs

Tips are added in the forums which help new people in this profession. In case of any problems facing by managers in setting milestones or distribution of resources they usually visit these blogs to enhance their knowledge.

Experience can be enhanced more and information can be improved by reading articles written by project managers from their personal experience. Better plans and strategies can be designed by managers.