Format Of Rental Receipt Template Prepared In MS Excel 2010

Are you searching for commercial and house rent receipts composed using templates in excel. Commercial shops and building rent receipts are also added here in the excel templates. Using receipts is practice adopted by business owners as well as landlords to keep the record of the financial transaction as money can be a problem causing factor later. Commercial and residential rent receipts are usually created using same format and tools however more fields can be added if required.

House rent receipt template excel are added here frequently so that you can have desire output of adding the cash transactions in receipts and enjoy the related benefits. As a tenant you can feel free if you are having a copy of the receipt showing the rental amount paid by you and you can spent the rest of money or saving it.

About House Rent Receipt (Template Description):

  • House address
  • Balance due after the payment
  • Charges on late payment
  • Dues included in rent
  • Electricity and gas bills
  • Basic information both parties
  • Landlord signature
  • Tenant signature

To prevent legal costs these receipts are used by owners of the property nowadays as any legal claim from the tenant can be stressful for the owner by charging him extra expense in the form of legal trouble and at the same time possession of tenant over the property till the case is finished.

Sample Template {Structure}:

Rent Receipt Template

Date: ____________________
Receipt #: _______________





Name: ____________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________

Address: ___________________

Name:    ____________________

Phone:    ____________________


Received From: ________________________________________________________

The amount of $ ________________________________________________________

For Payment of _________________________________________________________

Total Amount to be Received

 Amount Received

Received BY:   ___________________________________ [Name]

Address:            ______________________________________________

Phone:                ______________________________________________

Cash                   _____________                  Add Comments ______________

Cheque No:     ______________

Money Order ______________

How to Use This Template:

  • Two copies are prepared automatically while using available templates as function is added to save the time and effort of the property owner.
  • One copy can be provided to tenant while other can be kept safe by the landlord.
  • Rent amount is added on the sheet and in case of any penalty after the due date is also mentioned on the template.
  • Tenant basic information, landlord information, rent date, mode of payment, leftover balance and finally the signatures of both parties are taken on the receipt.

Get Free Template:

Commercial Rent Receipt: Link

“House-Rent-receipt” : Link

Direct Download : Link

Rent receipts and the rental agreements are composed using Microsoft word templates. Income tax, insurance costs, penalties and security deposit amount is also added in these receipts. Name of the property and address is also mentioned in the receipt. To prevent possession of tenant over your property you are required to prepare rent receipts using templates available le online or making out a template according to your choice and requirements. Other rent receipts templates can be used to make different receipts.